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The BSBSA project brings together artists from Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania

The BSBSA project brings together artists from Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania

    Bucharest, 29 December 2023

    The BSBSA (Belgrade Sofia Bucharest Street Art) project presents modern public art practices from Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania with a clear mission: to boost the creation and circulation of European art around Balkan Peninsula. To achieve this, the BSBSA project brings artists from diverse backgrounds together. Collaborating on transformative art installations, they redefine public spaces in Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia.

    The project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, aims to strengthen the capacity of European cultural and creative sectors, fostering international engagement. This will be accomplished through cultural exchange and mobility of artists’ works showcased in multidisciplinary public exhibitions spanning the three countries.

    In essence, the BSBSA project leverages art to humanise public spaces in Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia. Through artistic interventions, workshops, talks, guided tours, an urban art book, a street art map, and multidisciplinary exhibitions, the project collaborates with local communities, artists, and stakeholders to regenerate and promote public spaces. 

    Project objectives

    • Carry out six artistic interventions to transform public spaces.
    • Organise ten creative workshops for all ages.
    • Host six artist talks for engaging interactions.
    • Conduct eight street art tours in Belgrade and Sofia.
    • Publish an urban art book documenting interventions in Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia.
    • Create a map guiding explorers through art interventions in public spaces.
    • Organise three multidisciplinary exhibitions to facilitate cultural exchange.

    Follow the project activities on instagramfacebook or youtube.

    The Small Scale Cooperation Creative Europe project 101131802 – BSBSA is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, under the Call for proposals CREA-CULT-2023-COOP.

    The project consortium partners are Udruzenje Gradjana Kruna from Republic of Serbia, Mnogo Deinosti Enterprice from Bulgaria, and project coordinator is Save or Cancel production SRL from Romania.

    Partners: Lente, Biblioteca Metropolitană București, Romexpo

    Media partners: IQads, La pas prin BrașovLitera 9,, Munteanu, Revista Atelierul, Revista Golan, The Institute

    This text reflects the views only of the author(s), and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

    Bucharest, 29 December 2023
    Save or Cancel production SRL

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